Pool Equipment Repair

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How long do motors last? Motors typically last an average of eight years before needing either rebuilding or replacing. Noisy, screeching front and/ or rear bearings will hint you know when you need to do something.
Leaking pump? A very common problem is the threaded fitting carrying water out of the pump shrinking and allowing water to drip, run and then spray. This can be replaced with a high temp fitting to prevent its reoccurrence. Water may also leak from a worn out mechanical seal.
Air in Pump Basket? The pump is meant to operate air free. After some time, you may notice air in the basket. This can reduce filtering efficiency, allow dangerous air to build up in filter, and sometimes prevent your pump from catching prime (being able to move water). The problem is usually located around the pump, above-ground. Occasionally, we have to look underground for the source of the air.

Pump is not pumping water like usual? Sometimes when we get repair calls like this we'll find that the pump basket is cracked and it is allowing debris to clog the pump's impeller among other issues. If the pump basket is cracked or damaged, it should be replaced.
Noisy Motor? Inside of your pump's motor are a front bearing and a rear bearing. They are replaced when they begin to make noise. Bearings can become damaged when the pump has run dry and overheated, or if the pump is put under high loads.